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Puppies due the end of April!

When you buy a puppy from me, it is with the understanding that you are investing in a family member - it is a commitment for the life of the dog.  Please be aware, like any member of your family they will make 'mistakes', get sick, will at times be smelly or noisy, please be patient.  When your puppy has chewed your child's headphones or your favorite shoe... just remember, he'll never get mad, slam a door, give the 'silent treatment' or say he 'hates you'.  He'll always be happy to greet you and it doesn't matter if you brushed your teeth, pass gas, forgot his birthday or that you stepped on him 10 minutes ago - he just wants to be loved by you.  A member of the family is not disposable and shouldn't be inconvenient - make sure you're ready.
Like God, your dog will love you unconditionally but like man, he will make mistakes.  Enjoy the love!

****Willow and Kirby puppies born May 6th - All are in their new homes!..
Three Girls... Nala, Arial, & Belle  One boy...Timon  




Nellie, Emmi & Nora with pups

Nellie, Emmi & Nora with pups
pups pups pups
Aladdin and Nemo Baby girls
our pups
Nora holding Elsa and Cinderella 
JBT pups pups
Nellie holding Anna and Aladdin
Nellie holding Anna and Aladdin
JBT baby girls JBT baby girls
mom Willow and newborns boy1
newborn Willow and pups
our pups pups
our pups our pups