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Available Puppies
****Stay tuned for further litters****
Once the pups are born we will start taking deposits.
Puppies are here!
pups pups pups

All puppies will be vet checked,come with their first set of shots and de wormings. Puppies will be sent home with a gift bag including a blanket rubbed on mamma,current food, toy and folder with health guarantee and contract.

Here are some of the natural ways I help deworm my dogs.

I grind my organic pumpkin seeds No Salt in a coffee grinder give 1/4 tsp in food
Turmeric powder .15mg per lb. Apple cider vinegar (Mother) 1/4 tsp in moist food.
For treats I give them rabbit ear or feet, cow ear, lamb ear all these treats have fur on them. The fur act like a broom and sweeps the eggs in the digestive track dog will poop it out. You can use 1 of the above or all. So please save those pumpkin seeds when you start to carve. They are beneficial to your dog. You will still have to do stool exams to make sure there isn't other parasites your dog may have.. list above will help aid on common worms.

How to train puppy ears. Be sure to shave both sides of the puppies ears before tapeing them.

Things you will need before you bring your puppy home:

  . High quality puppy food.

  • Stainless bowls 
  • crate and puppy pads
  • leash,a harness type collar
  • puppy playpen
  • puppy gates (or baby gates)
  • 5 or 6 puppy-friendly toys
  • puppy safe treats
  • old towels and blankets for bedding
  • grooming brush,no balls on the ends of pins and comb.
  • puppy shampoo
  • and a quality dog nail trimmer,and nail stop.
  • Honey or Corn-syrup for Hypoglycemia.  

Puppy package includes

pk 1 pk 2 pk 3

Two Stainless Bowl's-Baby Blanket-Toy-Rawhide Free Chews-Ball-File Folder with puppy contract, health certificates, Vet records, several other categories, including grooming, feeding etc  
We at Jubilee Biewer Terriers, are hobby breeders. As responsible breeders we strive to produce superior health and temperaments while adhering to the standard set by the Biewer Breed Club of America. A well bred Biewer should not be frail in body, nervous, shy or timid in temperament.The Biewer is one of the worlds smallest breeds not to exceed 8#s but despite their small stature they should be brave and energetic and sound in body. Biewers are outgoing and feisty, yet loving. Biewers make great family dogs and are excellent watch dogs.

Health Record is provided at the time of pickup which will show all age appropriate vaccinations and wormings.We do not guarantee size, weight, color or fertility of our puppies. ALL Deposits are non refundable..If something comes up and you are not able to move forward with getting your may apply your deposit to a future litter.