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Our Breeding Goals:

Every breed of dog has genetic issues that reputable breeders are trying to breed out of their lines. Only through awareness and vigilant breeding practices can this be accomplished. It is essential to address the issues that currently affect our breed and the screening methods used to avoid them. At Jubilee Biewers, our Biewer puppies come with a one year health guarantee against life-threatening genetic abnormalities and have been thoroughly screened and evaluated prior to coming to your home. With that said, there are many environmental factors, such as diet, regular health care, and preventable household dangers that are also important components in raising a toy breed dog. Through proper screening, breeding, and the elimination of these hazards, we pray your Biewer puppy has along, happy life in your home.


Hypoglycemia can occur without warning when puppy goes to a new home. Missing a meal or not eating enough.Being chilled, exhaustion from to mush play, stress from new environment or traveling, can trigger a Hypoglycemic attack.
Symptoms: Weakness, confusion, frothing or drooling from the mouth. sometimes even a seizure. The neck may appear stiff and in a locked position, the body may soon appear the same way. teeth clinched together. Gums will be pale, grayish white in color. Puppy may shiver or tremble adn have a blank stare. puppy can go into shock, seizure or coma which can result in death.
Treatment: Do Not Hesitate your puppy's life is at risk! Use Nutri-Cal about 3/4 tsp. per 5 lbs. of body weight. or Karo Syrup rub it on the gums, tongue. Get a heating pad, get the puppy's temperature up. Get some moist food try to get puppy to eat. If puppy does not improve with in 10 minutes, seek veteriarian help immediately!

Liver Shunt:
Liver Shunt is a very serious congenital defect that that can our Breed. If left untreated it is often fatal. With proper diagnosis. Most cases of liver shunt are treatable with diet and/or surgery. Puppies that have liver shunt, should always be spayed or neutered.

Signs and Symptoms:

Abnormal behavior after eating
Pacing and aimless wandering
Pressing the head against the wall
Episodes of apparent blindness
Poor weight gain
Stunted growth
Excessive sleeping and lethargic
Straining to urinatedue to bladder stone formation

Some dogs may have many clinical signs or only one. Some dogs don't even show signs until they are older.